All photography provided by Jared Chambers

Since 1992, we have taken hundreds of people across the bridge from ineffective or dysfunctional movement to health, fitness, and Pilates workout at a time. Your journey is waiting to begin!

Our Mission

To help you out of ineffective, painful or uncomfortable movement and into fluid powerful life-affirming fitness. We deliver a Pilates experience that will change your life.

I was headed in a downward spiral. My back ached constantly as well as my feet and hips. I slumped protectively from the pain.
Then, I found Colleen, who carefully and kindly got me moving, first on equipment and then on the mat. Now my back rarely aches...
My posture is better. We recently went on a long trip, which required lots of walking and I was able to keep up with my husband, all thanks to Colleen.
She is a teacher of the first magnitude.
— JBGT, client for 4 years & counting

Our Methods

  • We apply the classic Pilates principles of alignment and functional sequencing to help you realign your skeleton, reshape your muscles, and recondition your breathing.
  • We build relationships and empower each client to meet their goals.
  • We create a safe, comfortable environment from which to learn and explore.


  • We build the work in Layers.
  • Layer 1 - learn the basic breathing pattern,  sequential use of the spine, discover your body's horizontal & vertical skeletal landmarks and how to align them, sequential firing of the abdominal layers, the meaning of stabilization, disassociation, and mobility.
  • Layer 2 - learn how to apply Layer 1 to the 10 basic mat exercises and experience the challenge, support and feedback from the various Pilates apparatuses.
  • We engage your mind -  Increasing curiosity assists new muscular firing patterns which in turn develops new neural pathways, all of which results in longevity and vitality in both your personal and fitness life.
  • We are a studio fully equipped with equipment designed by Joseph Pilates…reformers, cadillacs, wunda chairs, pedo-pull, and other small apparatuses.


  • Layer 3 - continue strengthening the principles from Layer 1 in ever-advancing movements both on the mat and the equipment while learning techniques that increase precision and focus of the mind.
  • Layer 4 - having an accomplished control of the Pilates principles of movement and strengthened precision and focus of mind, an integrated flow of the exercises creates an aerobic, as well as full-body strength and length, workout.