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Welcome Carrie Field

CARRIE FIELD'S Pilates career began in 1993, apprenticing with

Jennifer Reich at a chiropractic office in San Francisco. Jennifer taught Carrie

how body mechanics and Pilates can help people feel relief. Certified by

Madeline Black in 1995 through the Physical Mind Institute, Carrie began

working for Madeline at A Body or Work, and assisted her Teacher Trainings. By

1997, Carrie had established a studio in her home in San Francisco.

As a former modern dancer, Carrie attended California Institute of the

Arts and holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from New College of California.

In 2002 Carrie relocated to Taos New Mexico and opened Taos Pilates Studio

which she owned and operated for 15 glorious years. Through Taos Pilates

Studio Carrie offered a Pilates course through UNM Taos each semester for 6

years. Carrie is certified with the Pilates Method Alliance and has attended 3

different 200-hour yoga teacher trainings with Its Yoga, Tias Little and Sean

Tebor. Certified to teach on the Gyrotonic expansion System since 2005, she

had the great fortune to study with the creator, Julio Horvath, in the 1990's.

Carrie's Pilates teaching style is greatly influenced by her study with Anna

Helpern, Madeline Black, Mercy Sidbury and Michelle Larson. She teaches

Argentine Tango locally and nationally, which she has been in love with since

2005 and conditioning class she created called Tango Inform.

Relocating to Albuquerque in 2017 to attend UNM Occupational

Therapy Graduate Program Carrie is excited to be welcomed as an instructor to CoreWorks. 


From Carrie

"As a Pilates instructor, I have oodles of experience with many different

injuries and populations like: relieving pain caused by herniated discs,

balancing scoliosis, addressing Parkinson’s, improving balance, improving

physical ease, improving athletic performance, rehabilitation from knee and hip

replacement, rehabilitation from soft tissue injuries, pelvic floor re-enlivenment

and many more. I enjoy continuing education, I recently attended a Pilates

Immersion training and am looking forward to sharing this application of Pilates

in the Pool. I am enthusiastic, attentive and pride myself on offering the very

highest quality of service. Teaching Pilates part time at CoreWorks while loving

attending my graduate program seems like perfect complimenting occupations.

I hope you will join me Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings!!"

Contact: Colleen @ 505.239.7285 to schedule your session with Carrie.


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It's about life

Play and recreation are vital to life, to a productive, complete, responsive, and healthy life. There is much research to support that statement. However, play and recreation are deadened when our bodies hurt, and perhaps our bodies hurt when we don't take the time to REcreate. Without this elemental space, dreams fade and visions are strangled. Change your mind; sometimes it's not about finding more time--it's about changing the way we think about the time use.